Saturday, July 25, 2009

Yann Tiersen Live in Viveros Gardens

On a sticky night in Viveros multi-instrumentally-talented Yann Tiersen, showed he’s not just a one-trick pony. Despite repeated bellows from the audience of “Amelie, Amelie”, the film for which he wrote and performed the soundtrack, and which made his name, Tiersen didn’t play one single track from the movie. Instead he played a totally new set that, funnily enough, was in some ways better because it perfectly suited the style of the audience, which was mainly 20-30 year-olds of a wide range of nationalities. It was a shame not to hear his wonderfully atmospheric accordion playing, but the stunning way he handled a pair of guitars, violin and keyboard show just how brilliant a musician he is.

From the moment Tiersen stepped on stage he had us all in his hands. It was the first time we’ve been to concert at Viveros and didn’t know what to expect, which meant that we could be surprised by anything. And we were! The ambience swayed between mellow and electric, which showed its effect on the audience, where pockets of people spent the whole ninety minutes lost in their own dancing world.

Viveros is fantastic place to have chosen to show Tiersen’s talents, because it’s not a formal venue, and walking through the gardens toward the stage built up the anticipation of a great concert to come – and we weren’t let down!

Jemma and Sophie Prendergast

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