Sunday, July 19, 2009

fib Benicassim, day 2. what a fibbing disaster!

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fib, day 2. what a fibbing disaster!
Getting here later than we wanted, what with me Lolita, just giving up my job, and Anita doing a long day at the bank, we arrived to catch the beginning of Paul Weller, and were evacuated within the hour.
Quick resumen, as i am trying to catch 5000 concerts at the same time, whilst anita is catching up with twitter friends (we luuuuuuuuurve our twitter!!) and childhood boyfriends (yes, you read right!); Friday night, was the worst night of our lives. Starting with a fire just outsite the festival site in some old vineyards, that got so big the organisers canceled the concerts on the escenario verde, the sky getting smokier and smokier, the press and vip stands being blocked off, security and organisation people screaming at each other via walkie talkies (how does a walkie talkie make you look sooo big and important?!) the next thing we know, the wind has picked up, the fib grounds are a sandstorm disaster, people are wearing their sunglasses to protect their eyeballs, and within half an hour, the green stage is falling down. 200,000 fibers come to a standstill, security guards have been called in to hold up the walls - no music, no screens, and no news. Apart from god knows who from FIB organisation, coming on every once in a while to tell us they are doing their best to sort everything out and they will be with us soon....
And then we were told to leave the grounds. all those people leaving at the same time, in a hurricane-like wind storm, 70KM/20degrees, which felt like -10 and a not a very happy, slightly tipsy and confused bunch of people. Directed towards benicassim town. All in all, we spent 4 hours trying to get a taxi, eventually getting home at 5am, after waiting 4 hours for someone to pick us up.
Got in to bed.
And now its Saturday. And saturday is brill. No Lily Allen, she has a tummy bug (or a 2 day hangover), no Kings of Leon from yesterday (which is crap as they have tried to re-schedule most bands that didnt play yesterday), but the vibe is AMAZING. It feels like every other year, people have got over the hump from last night, Maximo Park were fabby, Elbow got the crowd moving and us covered in goosebumps, and we are now about to meet up to watch Peaches strut her sexy stuff. More from us tomorrow, after the press Vs. artists football match which has been moved til tomorrow, (do join us for a midday paella and beer, its at 12 at the polideportivo in Benicassim!)
Lots of love kiddys, missing those that aren't here with us.
Lolita (and Anita, if i ever find her!)
Ps. 2manydjs 2 hour set tonight at 2am, i am soooo excited i could cry!

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