Saturday, July 11, 2009

Chambao live in Valencia review

Idylic is what you could call Chambao's live concert at the excellent feria de julio in the Jardines Real (Viveros) last night. A lightly lit pathway up to the stage, a bar with tables and chairs and a huge stage with a comfy poof for la mari, and her band surrounding her. Despite the light shower of rain that we were served, the weather was perfect, warm with a light breeze, and the setting was perfect. Full of their adoring fans, a mix of bohemian and hippy life loving Spanish and morrocans, the indie/arabic/rap/flamencan band gave their all for a full 2 hours. The feria de julio is always beautifully organised, and this year they really have hit the spot with an amazing line up and patient and understanding staff. We really are looking forward to the rest of july. Our highlight of the night was watching a beautiful new mummy with the tiniest baby, breastfeeding as she sung along to la maris famous song Poquito a poquito, it just shows, in Valencia, you can do anything...

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