Saturday, March 18, 2006

Far out Fallas!

So it's nearly ten and I've just got in from a loooong day of checking out Fallas even though we were already exhausted from yesterday's Ofrenda - waited on the streets for four hours to see a friend take her flowers to the Virgen! I don't know who was worse off, me waiting in the cold or her with her heavy dress and scraped back hairdo! She looked stunning though, must say. Tonight is THE night, it is practically a crime not to go out on the 18th. Starting off with sure-to-be-brill concert from old favourite Coti in the riverbed by the Torres de Serranos, to rush out for the Nit Del Foc, the biggest Fireworks Display this week. Starts at 1.30 and is bound to be incredible- it's another Ricardo Caballer display!
The Verbenas tonight will be packed, and the Falleros and Falleras more than emotional as Fallas draws to an end. Me and the girls may head to the Parterre - we've heard it's full of hotties this year, what were we doing all week in Blanquerias for goodness' sake?
Tomorrow the Mascletà is essential viewing - ANOTHER Ricardo Caballer and the last for another year, get there early to grab a good spot!
In the evening you must get to the Plaza de la Virgen to see the end of the Ofrenda and admire the Virgen in all her flowering beauty.
Catch you then

Fantastic fallas! 3rd day!

Today is the day that Valencia becomes impossible. All streets will be cut off, police will stand on every corner, you will have to push and shove your way through the crowds to get anywhere, and fallas will actually become meaningful to every fallero and fallera in valencia! Tears will cried, feet will be blistered but everyone will look beautiful. Today is the Ofrenda. When falleros and falleras walk miles dressed up to the nines in the traditional costumes and take flowers to the Virgen in La plaza de la virgen. Its an amazing thing to see so take yourself down to la calle de la paz, perch on the pavement and lose yourself in a mix of colours and patterns and head pieces. More concerts in the river bed for you to enjoy, berbenas and always the whiff of urine around the streets!
Enjoy! Fallas is nearly over!
Lolita xxx

Fabby fallas! 2nd day!

2nd day of fallas! Last night was amazing, the atmosphere in this city is just incredible! All fallas are now placed in their designated areas, to be admired until sunday when they will be just a small pile of ash. We took a walk around valencia, having a closer look at the bigger fallas, we were shocked and stunned by the one in Convento Jerusalén, Anita's friend was working that night and let us in to get up closer. Beautiful and really worth the whole years effort. Tonight we are planning on boogying down at the Berbenas in Aragon and near the mestalla, as a little birdy told us they were extremely good!
Have fun
Lolita xxx

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

First official night of fallas! Yay!

Lolita devine here, tonight is the first proper night of fallas, when the falleros all gather together to put the finishing touches to the main fallas and then they are put up properly. The exposition of the ninots finished today and the Ninot that wont be burned and will be put in the museo de las fallas has been chosen! Not only has that happened today, but the fallas concerts also start tonight! In the Viveros gardens, the winners and losers of Operacion triunfo are shaking their thing, and in la alameda La frontera, Celtas cortos and Loquillo are holding a spanish rock night. Not one to miss of course! Our plan, us being me and my girls, is to have a little old music session (spice girls, boyzone, , tele-pizza and then go for a walk around el carmen, the old towning, checking out the preparations and fallas, so we can plan the rest of our fallas based on what we see tonight!
Tonight is the only night you will be able to actually breath around valencia, as from tomorrow morning valencia will be a river of piss! Lovely! Anyways, more from me tomorrow! Have a great first night! Enjoy! And be careful!
Lolita Devine

Fallas - the biggest and best party in Europe

Fallas officially began today here in Valencia with a visit from their Royal Majesties the King and Queen of Spain. They were given a truly special treat of one of the very best Mascletàs I can remember. What's a Mascletà ? I hear you ask - well, It' a firework display in the middle of the city and it's held a2pm in the afternoon and it's all about Noise, the capital N is there for a purpose - we are talking serious Noise! Noise so loud that you are advised to keep your mouth open to avoid bursting your eardrums. Mascletàs are not just any Noise - they have rhythm, they have to have rhythm, or the crowd do not show their appreciation with cheers and applause at the end- today the crowd were ecstatic. To read more go here on the right hand side of the page is a link to a film of the madess today. There is also a bucket load of information on Fallas here Enjoy!!!!

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

What's Hot

Welcome to the blog.
On this blog, and on, you will be able to find up to the minute info on what's hot (and what's not!) in this fantastic city. The upcoming months have a lot to offer and are jam packed with loads of things to do to keep our minds off the cold and dreary weather we seem to have been having!
Valencia is literally brimming with museums and galleries with ultra-low entrance fees and even free entry to most on Sundays. For Modern Art, IVAM (Instituto Valenciano de Arte Moderno) is a must, from the permanent exhibition of Julio Gonzalez' spindly, sinewy sculptures in the Pinazo room, to the current Miquel Navarro,- which starts outside the gallery itself with an aluminium and zinc model city, "Solar", and continues within with sculptures and enamel and acrylic paintings based on natural forms, insects, energy, light and his fascination with the moon - to the experimental video and audio artist Geert Mul's take on Valencia Football Club - the players and their lives as footballers.
MUVIM (Museo Valenciano de la Ilustración y la Modernidad) is one of Valencia's often forgotten assets, yet an essential stop for any modern art, history or Spain lover, with photography, painting and sculpture exhibitions and installations. At present, the House of Bourbon, an exhibition on Science and techniques from the Enlightenment period, is the main attraction.
The excellent Palacio Valeriola gallery, (Calle Valeriola,13, tel. 963381215), worth a visit just to see the building itself, houses this month an exhibition of the works of Luis Eduardo Aute, the multi-faceted artist, dating back to when he was in Manila, and including his pieces from recent years.
Check out the Mapazine®, available all over the city, for the full list of galleries and museums and their locations.

Anita Darling

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Welcome to Valencia

Valencia is Spain's third largest city. Until very recently it was a well kept secret. It is a city with stunning architecture, both ancient and ultra modern, great nightlife, fabulous beaches and a park running through its centre that is unsurpassed throughout Europe.
This blog will endeavour to help you to get the best out of our wonderful city. Expect entries on a regular basis from the whole team at on where to go, what to see and where to be seen.
Welcome to Valencia!