Thursday, December 13, 2007

The Key to Reserva by Martin Scorsese.

Freixenet - there's a name to conjure with! Especially at Christmas time. The famous Cava in the golden bottle graces many a table throughout Spain and the world.
What you may not know is that each year the Spanish nation eagerly awaits the screening of the latest Christmas Advert on the television. It is such a popular event that it is even announced in advance in the press and on television and is allotted schedules, just like a normal Television Programme. It is shown on several nights on many channels, usually features a big international star, the Freixenet Bubble girls and usually has a running time of at least five minutes.
This year Freixenet (pronounced, fresh-e-net, by the way!) have scored a major coup by employing one of the world's great directors, Martin Scorsese, and given him free reign to produce their film for 2007. He has taken that free reign, has dispensed with the bubble girls, and has produced a brilliant homage to Hitchcock entitled 'The Key to Reserva'. You can see it online by clicking the headline

Saturday, December 08, 2007

Christmas in Valencia

Aaaah, the lights are going up for christmas all over the city. We always like the lights on our town hall, El Ayuntamiento.
There seem to be less Bélens (Nativity Scenes) this year, in previous years there have been huge ones in the Ayuntamiento and Nuevo Centro. All we have seen this year is an exhibition of the Society of Bélen Makers at the museum in the Almudin.

The Cultural Event of the Year (possibly)

BOB YAREHAM, journalist and author reading extracts from his highly unsuccessful book: ‘ENGLISH BEAUTY’, accompanied by penniless Patagonian jazz musician ‘MONO’ LEÓN.
an exhibition of signed prints by artist and graphic designer (and he’s not too bad) TIMOTHY-V. BIRCH of fame.
Sunday 16th December 6.30 P.M.
10% of all books and prints sold will be donated to Médicos sin Fronteras