Friday, June 27, 2008

Another America's Cup in Valencia? - Maybe not!

America's Cup legal uncertainty forces AC Management to end Host City contract with Valencia

Valencia, 27 June 2008 - As a consequence of the continued uncertainty around the 33rd America's Cup caused by the Golden Gate Yacht Club's legal manoeuvres, AC Management and the Spanish institutions (Central State, Valencia Region and Valencia Municipality) have been left with no option but to revise the terms of their relationship, ending the contract signed in July 2007 that named Valencia the Host City for a multi-challenge 33rd America's Cup in 2009.

The two parties have entered into a new agreement that concludes months of discussions trying to adapt the contract signed after the success of the 32nd America's Cup to the current legal context. Under the new agreement, the organisation and exploitation of the Port America's Cup facilities will be managed by the Spanish institutions from 1 July; the 33rd America's Cup teams retain the opportunity to continue using their bases and the majority of administrative benefits for teams and personnel remain in force until the end of 2008.

Michel Hodara, Chief Executive Officer of AC Management, the company organising the 33rd America's Cup on behalf of the defending yacht club, Société Nautique de Genève, explains: "Too many issues, such as the dates and participants, remain unresolved until the Appellate Division of the New York Supreme Court publishes its decision; meaning the July 2007 contract is no longer appropriate. The Spanish authorities understand the situation and we are pleased that we have come to a new agreement adapted to the current context, in the best possible spirit. We thank them for extending the use of the bases and the administrative benefits to the teams.

"This does not mean that we are leaving Valencia. The choice of the venue for the 33rd America's Cup will mainly be based on competitive factors and if Valencia is considered the best place, then a second America's Cup Match will take place here."

More on this in over the weekend - Mike O'Neill, currently in Cowes , will comment.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Bomberos in Valencia City

Walking from Serranos to Plaza de Manises the other day I came across a protest from the city’s trusty bomberos. I wondered if I set my frock alight that maybe the calendar guy from June last year might just come over and put it out with warm-soapy-expensive- sweet-scenty-oily-bathie-type-stuff? After all, I pay my taxes…..
When I took this picture the bombero staring straight at my camera turned his board around. Was this a secret protest? But, hey, I can keep a secret – to the grave - or did he figure I looked suspicious? Was I with the ‘Keep Water For Bathing’ lobby? Send ‘Junio‘ round and we can talk about it …I‘m open to reason, to suggestion ….. a compromise may be reached. Then we’ll see who supports who around here. You run my bath and I‘ll run yours. Know what I‘m saying? There’s always a price.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008


I’ve been persuaded to write a blog. It will be fun, I’m told. In what sense? I spent some time reading other blogs, just to get a feel for it. What I’ve read concerns me. Am I meant to be entertained by the (mostly) drivelous outpourings of people who have nothing better to do? And why do participants feel the need to make up preposterous names for themselves, like ‘Izywizclop’ or ‘Fandarangelo’? (Mostly Californians, probably). Why can’t people call themselves ‘Dick of Oswestry’ or ‘Daphne of Athens’ or even ‘a bloke from Australia?’ What are they hiding? I realize that anyone reading this will ask why I call myself ‘Babu’ – because it’s my name, silly.
Of course, this will now brand me ‘grumpy of Valencia’ whereas, in truth, I’m quite a happy little sausage, especially when I have time to sit down and take a leisurely browse through the TIV listings to see what’s going on this great city of ours. Take last Friday and being dragged off to hear La Fura dels Baus: Anell de Ilum (Ring of Light). Lots of hand-slapping and cries of ‘Geroff! I’d rather boil my head than listen to Opera, especially Wagner!’ But oh my, was I ever wrong. It was stunning, both visually and aurally (see Gooru’s blog for great pics). I can’t remember ever being so impressed by such an innovative display. Go and see it for yourself (free) next Thursday the 19th. I’d see you there but I’m off to Zaragoza for the Expo 2008 – in 34º, apparently. Can’t wait…
On Saturday night I went to see the end of term show from Escuela del Actor at L’Altre Espai. ‘Camberra’ was wild, raunchy and very funny indeed, with songs from ‘Annie´, Cabaret’, ‘The Sound of Music’ and ‘Chicago’ – don’t ask, it was confusing. But what a talented bunch, not one duff performance and it was clear the actors were enjoying themselves as much as their noisy and enthusiastic audience. Worth every cent of the 3 euro ticket. Great little theatre, too.

From Jaume 1 to Today

Francisco Camps, President of the Comunitat Valenciana With The Artists and Consuelo Ciscar , Curator of Ivam, and Organisers of the Exhibition

Francisco Camps, President of the Comunitat Valenciana

Francisco Camps, President of the Comunitat Valenciana

Camps walks among the singing tubes

Camps and the Artisits in front of Manolo Valdés' Sculpture Libros

Camps with Roig

A new exhibition was opened last night by Francisco Camps , the president of the Valencian Community. It was a glittering affair with lots of press coverage and a Who's who of the art world in attendance. The exhibition, which runs from now until the 20 July features new works by 3 Valencian Artists, Manolo Valdés, Miguel Navarro and José Antonio Orts and Mallorquin, Benardí Roig.
It's an interesting show. We particularly liked the 'Libros' By Manolo Valdés.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

A warm Sunday in Valencia

We took a walk down the Rio Túria (our lovely city park) today. Our destination was he Andalucia feria and the Final day of the El Greco in Toledo exhibition. It was a warm slightly overcast day and we ambled along. The linesman was preparing one of the dirt football pitches for one of the numerous South American footy matches.
We left the park for the Museo de Bellas Artes and realised that the queue was exceptionally long (we weren't the only ones leaving it all till the last moment!) so we decided to carry on down to Andalucia and return at 2:30 ish when the Sunday Paella would be too great a pull for the Valencians...

Back down into the park and we laughed at the sign showing the rules of the park, No football, and three games within a couple of feet, No dogs off leads, we counted four in as many seconds and no Fast bike riding... but hey, who cares, it was so nice there today, so relaxed and a lovely happy atmosphere.

We looked at all the exhibits at the Andalucia, had a glass of Manzanilla Sherry/Jerez/Xerez and some delicious Jamon, watched a bit of Flamenco and then made our way back to the museum. The gamble paid off, not a soul to be seen! We were able to see the entire fascinating exhibition at our own pace... It is always worth remembering that lunchtime, though very late - between 2 and 5pm, is sacred to the Valenciano and is invariably the best time to see exhibitions or to Shop!

Saturday, June 14, 2008


It was lovely this morning to be walking through Plaza de la Virgen to the strains of Flamenco guitar and then to see this brightly dress troupe dancing away in the sun - All to publicise the Andalucia Fair in the River bed. Well worth a trip

La Fura dels Baus at the Palau de les Arts, Valencia

If you were paying attention and have read and digested our latest lovely newsletter - you will have known, just in time, that there was a free performance outside the Palau de les Arts last night of 'Anell de llum' (Ring of Light) at 22.30.
It was a free performance and gave the public a spectacular taste of what the audience see at the Wagner opera, Siegfied.

This unique performance by the troupe who gave us the opening ceremony of the Barcelona Olympics, was in three parts and based on Light, Dawn, Daylight and Sunset.

It was an incredible performance, with sound from the full orchestra and singers and light projected over the Palau. There were glass tanks with mermaids splashing and suspended from a huge crane, there were absailers and robots and giants and a web made up of 42 people suspended above our heads.

It was a marvellous evening and if you are thinking that this is a little mean, telling you how great something you missed was, then don't. We are telling you because there is another chance to see it next Thursday 19th June at 22:30 - DO NOT MISS IT!

Thanks to Diana Jean and to Derek Workman for the Photos!

Our Latest Newsletter has a brand new look!

This is our latest newsletter - it looks great and we've had lots of nice emails about it - If you want to know what's going on in the wonderful city of Valencia then is the place to go!

Monday, June 09, 2008

World Naked Bike Ride Valencia

It was that time of year again this weekend. The world Naked Bike Ride in Valencia took place at 4pm on Saturday 07 June. It left from the 21st Alternative Fair in the riverbed and the route took it around the city - not as many participants in the ride as last year.
The Alternative fair was a great success, we went along on saturday evening and it was heaving- the rain on Sunday must have put a bit of a damper on things though.

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I didn't see the film crew at first - apparently it is a scene from a movie, as of yet untitled, being shot in Valencia. Mmmmm!

Sunny in Valencia?

The Appalling Weather continues with rain rain rain and unseasonally low temperatures. Friday was nice for a short while - picture of the Ayuntamiento (Town Hall Square) to prove it!