Sunday, June 15, 2008

A warm Sunday in Valencia

We took a walk down the Rio Túria (our lovely city park) today. Our destination was he Andalucia feria and the Final day of the El Greco in Toledo exhibition. It was a warm slightly overcast day and we ambled along. The linesman was preparing one of the dirt football pitches for one of the numerous South American footy matches.
We left the park for the Museo de Bellas Artes and realised that the queue was exceptionally long (we weren't the only ones leaving it all till the last moment!) so we decided to carry on down to Andalucia and return at 2:30 ish when the Sunday Paella would be too great a pull for the Valencians...

Back down into the park and we laughed at the sign showing the rules of the park, No football, and three games within a couple of feet, No dogs off leads, we counted four in as many seconds and no Fast bike riding... but hey, who cares, it was so nice there today, so relaxed and a lovely happy atmosphere.

We looked at all the exhibits at the Andalucia, had a glass of Manzanilla Sherry/Jerez/Xerez and some delicious Jamon, watched a bit of Flamenco and then made our way back to the museum. The gamble paid off, not a soul to be seen! We were able to see the entire fascinating exhibition at our own pace... It is always worth remembering that lunchtime, though very late - between 2 and 5pm, is sacred to the Valenciano and is invariably the best time to see exhibitions or to Shop!

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