Wednesday, June 18, 2008


I’ve been persuaded to write a blog. It will be fun, I’m told. In what sense? I spent some time reading other blogs, just to get a feel for it. What I’ve read concerns me. Am I meant to be entertained by the (mostly) drivelous outpourings of people who have nothing better to do? And why do participants feel the need to make up preposterous names for themselves, like ‘Izywizclop’ or ‘Fandarangelo’? (Mostly Californians, probably). Why can’t people call themselves ‘Dick of Oswestry’ or ‘Daphne of Athens’ or even ‘a bloke from Australia?’ What are they hiding? I realize that anyone reading this will ask why I call myself ‘Babu’ – because it’s my name, silly.
Of course, this will now brand me ‘grumpy of Valencia’ whereas, in truth, I’m quite a happy little sausage, especially when I have time to sit down and take a leisurely browse through the TIV listings to see what’s going on this great city of ours. Take last Friday and being dragged off to hear La Fura dels Baus: Anell de Ilum (Ring of Light). Lots of hand-slapping and cries of ‘Geroff! I’d rather boil my head than listen to Opera, especially Wagner!’ But oh my, was I ever wrong. It was stunning, both visually and aurally (see Gooru’s blog for great pics). I can’t remember ever being so impressed by such an innovative display. Go and see it for yourself (free) next Thursday the 19th. I’d see you there but I’m off to Zaragoza for the Expo 2008 – in 34º, apparently. Can’t wait…
On Saturday night I went to see the end of term show from Escuela del Actor at L’Altre Espai. ‘Camberra’ was wild, raunchy and very funny indeed, with songs from ‘Annie´, Cabaret’, ‘The Sound of Music’ and ‘Chicago’ – don’t ask, it was confusing. But what a talented bunch, not one duff performance and it was clear the actors were enjoying themselves as much as their noisy and enthusiastic audience. Worth every cent of the 3 euro ticket. Great little theatre, too.

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