Saturday, March 18, 2006

Far out Fallas!

So it's nearly ten and I've just got in from a loooong day of checking out Fallas even though we were already exhausted from yesterday's Ofrenda - waited on the streets for four hours to see a friend take her flowers to the Virgen! I don't know who was worse off, me waiting in the cold or her with her heavy dress and scraped back hairdo! She looked stunning though, must say. Tonight is THE night, it is practically a crime not to go out on the 18th. Starting off with sure-to-be-brill concert from old favourite Coti in the riverbed by the Torres de Serranos, to rush out for the Nit Del Foc, the biggest Fireworks Display this week. Starts at 1.30 and is bound to be incredible- it's another Ricardo Caballer display!
The Verbenas tonight will be packed, and the Falleros and Falleras more than emotional as Fallas draws to an end. Me and the girls may head to the Parterre - we've heard it's full of hotties this year, what were we doing all week in Blanquerias for goodness' sake?
Tomorrow the MascletĂ  is essential viewing - ANOTHER Ricardo Caballer and the last for another year, get there early to grab a good spot!
In the evening you must get to the Plaza de la Virgen to see the end of the Ofrenda and admire the Virgen in all her flowering beauty.
Catch you then

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