Wednesday, March 15, 2006

First official night of fallas! Yay!

Lolita devine here, tonight is the first proper night of fallas, when the falleros all gather together to put the finishing touches to the main fallas and then they are put up properly. The exposition of the ninots finished today and the Ninot that wont be burned and will be put in the museo de las fallas has been chosen! Not only has that happened today, but the fallas concerts also start tonight! In the Viveros gardens, the winners and losers of Operacion triunfo are shaking their thing, and in la alameda La frontera, Celtas cortos and Loquillo are holding a spanish rock night. Not one to miss of course! Our plan, us being me and my girls, is to have a little old music session (spice girls, boyzone, , tele-pizza and then go for a walk around el carmen, the old towning, checking out the preparations and fallas, so we can plan the rest of our fallas based on what we see tonight!
Tonight is the only night you will be able to actually breath around valencia, as from tomorrow morning valencia will be a river of piss! Lovely! Anyways, more from me tomorrow! Have a great first night! Enjoy! And be careful!
Lolita Devine

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