Saturday, July 11, 2009

Montesinos and Men in Skirts

La Nau exhibition, Men in Skirts
More like Sarongs really
One of the Skirts by Montesinos
more sarongs
More traditional skirts from Turkey and Arabia

Talking of Montesinos, starting today there is an exhibition 'hombres en faldas' OR Men in Skirts - it was Montesinos who first dressed Spanish men in skirts. There are several dozen on display in this curious exhibition, I have to say in all my travels the only men I have really ever seen in skirts was at the Westin Hotel in Valencia, worn by the staff and they were also designed by 'Montesinos' and Galliano who introduced the skirt for men some years ago. It is interesting that the centrepiece of the exhibition is a glass cabinet housing a Scottish kilt. Worth a look and the space at La Nau is worth seeing as well, Tuesdays there are free workshops here all through July and the first week in August Maybe after this exhibition, more men will be seen in skirts around town!

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