Saturday, July 11, 2009

Rafael Amargo's 'La difícil sencillez'

Rafael , seated with child talks to his musicians,
Francis Montesinos, the famous Valencian dress designer
Francis Montesinos, Talks to Canal Nou about the designs for the show
Armago is hot from all that dancing.
Some of Montesinos costumes
Friday night we had the privilege of attending the dress rehearsal of the world premiere of Rafael Amargo's 'La difícil sencillez' at La Nau in Puerto de Sagunto as he polished his dancers, singers and guitarists for two spectacular nights from tonight
He came across as a dedicated performer who obviously lives for his art and work his work and it overflows to his company, the pure energy of his singers, dancers and musicians was wonderful; such passion, such energy, and for us such enjoyment.
This new show is an eclectic mix of traditional and modern dance both flamenco and ballet. It is quite stunning, his choreography makes for an amazing experience.

Francis Montesinos, the famous Valencian dress designer has designed the costumes for this spectacular- but this being a rehearsal we only saw a handful of the costumes and only one of Armago's. Some gorgeous red traditional style Sevillano dresses,(though from where we sat they appeared to have just a little bit too much Weight/fabric for all that leg kicking and dress swirling which flamenco dancers endure) and a wonderful creation of feathers worn by a solo dancer. You can be absolutely sure that tonight all the costumes on stage will be spectacular.

This is the first of many shows that are part of the Festival D'Estiu, Sagunto en Escena which opens tonight and continues at La Nau in the Port of Sagunto and at the Roman Theatre in Sagunto itself. full program by clicking the headline

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