Friday, May 11, 2007

Ladysmith Black Mambazo and Lokua Kanza at 10db

It always amazes me when someone with as big a name as this band appears and has an audience that barely fills the medium sized auditorium. Though less than half full, the audience were very appreciative of this wonderful A capella group. Their voices in harmony are quite beautiful and they spice up their performance with traditional Zulu dance and a lot of horsing around.
The second half of the evening was in the company of someone new to us at thisisvalencia, Congolese singer-songwriter Lokua Kanza. After a shaky start when his technician couldn't keep the connection to his guitar live, five minutes or so of frantic running on and off the stage by the roady, Lokua was a revelation, delightful guitar and a superb voice with an incredible range. His band were great too, a percussionist extraordinaire, keyboard and wind player and two excellent backing singers. We shall be buying this man's Albums.

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