Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Il Divo in Concert Valencia 28 April 2007 - the review

photo ©2007Jose Antonio Gómez Barroso

12,000 people came to the Arena in Port America's Cup on the 28th of April to see Tenor supergroup Il Divo, for the first performance of their European tour. Accompanied by a symphony orchestra of Valencian musicians they gave a polished, if a little short, performance. The name Il Divo translates from italian to 'divine male performer' and with their impeccable dress sense (got to be Armani suits!) and their 'Adonis' good looks, their main appeal is to women. Borne out by the audience, the majority of which were misty-eyed females. Their classically trained voices and harmonies are perfect, and they performed songs from their new Album, including Nights in White Satin, and Without You. For more words and pictures click the headline...

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