Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Elton in the Bullring - Xativa - 23June - only Spanish date.

Sir Elton, who has recently celebrated his 60th birthday.

After deciding a couple of weeks ago that no one was apparently capable of staging his new tour in Spain - it would seem that Elton John has picked a new promoter, so instead of taking his band to Seville, he is now bringin the show to Xativa -at the bullring on the 23rd June. This will be the only concert in Spain so get your tickets now - it's bound to be a sell-out.

The music will be from his back catalogue - he's promoting his new 'best of' Album 'Rocket Man' and it is promised that it will be a visual extravaganza.

It'll certainly be a great show and very loud if I know Elton!

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ianinspain said...

Hey everybody, got our tickets today, going with my wife to see Elton, only 33 years after the first, (and only other), time.
A request, if anyone is going by car, and has a couple of spare seats, we live in Otos, off the CV60, and although we can get there OK, coming back is impossible, unless we book a taxi for the whole journey.
If you can help us out, our e-mail is
ian.yeldham@ex-patheaven.com or
Thanks in advance !!