Saturday, May 12, 2007

The Grand Prix in Valencia Confirmed, maybe!

the proposed new circuit

The Prince Felipe Science Museum in the City of Arts and Sciences was the venue for a presentation by Formula 1 Supremo Bernie Ecclestone, who confirmed that Valencia would be the new venue for the Urban Grand Prix Circuit. He told the audience that he was delighted with Valencia, and that the races could begin in November of 2008. The first contractual period would be for seven years - renewable, but he made it clear that he considered that Grand Prix Racing on an urban circuit in Valencia would to all intents and purposes be a permanent fixture on the racing calendar.
The 5-Km-long circuit would start in the interior area of the port, then run parallel to the old Turia River bed to the bridge in front of the Oceanografic - which would offer spectacular television views of the City of Arts and Sciences - before turning back down to the port again, and would have gradient stands to accommodate as many as one hundred thousand spectators. This in fact would mean that the effect of the circuit on traffic in Valencia would be nil, and the area of the Paseo de la Alameda that would be included has not been urbanized, and consequently the effect on residents would equally be zero.
In his presentation yesterday, Mr Ecclestone added that the fact that Valencia was being granted the rights to be included on the Grand Prix Circuit, 'was purely due to the immense talents of Francisco Camps and Rita Barbera'. However, Mr Ecclestone added that the contract was on the table waiting to be signed, but with one proviso: it would not become a reality unless Mr Camps and Mrs Barbera won re-election on May 27, adding that he was 'only too well aware' of the Socialist reticence against the project.

And More good news...
Later the same day Camps, Barbera and Eccleston visited the Alinghi base and met with Ernesto Bertarelli, the President of the Alinghi syndicate, who told them that should Alinghi be successful in its retention of the Americas Cup, then he was in favour of staging the next Cup races in Valencia...

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