Thursday, August 20, 2009

Valencia Formula 1 Experience at Bonaire

I read in one of the papers last week that a Scalextric replica of the Valencia Formula 1 circuit was being set up at Bonaire. Since Luke, my twelve year-old grandson, was flying back to England last Tuesday, I decided to take him for a look on the way to the airport. The model is housed in a tent by the main entrance.. There are six cars and a raised area where the joystick controls give the would-be racer a good view of the circuit. At the front of the stand is a full-size Formula 1 car with a large LCD screen, allowing drivers to pit their skills against the best in the world. The queues were long and, knowing we only had thirty minutes to spare, which queue should he choose? Luke went for the Scalextric track while I spoke to Dora, a member of the Bonaire marketing team. Explaining our predicament, I hoped she would find a way for Luke to take a turn with one of the cars. Instead, Dora called her manager over and an excited young man was boosted to the front of the queue. After five thrilling minutes racing in a highly competitive field (and the cars are very fast), Luke was escorted to the F1 simulator where, against a background of envious boys, he was pitched into an exhilarating ten-lap race.
All too soon, it was time to rush off to the airport. Before we left, Dora asked for an email address so that photos could be forwarded. A truly memorable experience!

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