Thursday, August 20, 2009

Alonso, YouTube and George Clooney - Formula One Valencia

George and his Nespresso Ads, If he's not here in person - these ads will be all around

The VIP Meeting Point at Valencia Street Circuit.

With the Second Formula One European Grand Prix about to take place on the Valencia Street Circuit rumours and news stories are rife:-
Confirmed is the fact that Renault won their appeal and Fernando Alonso will race alongside team mate Romain Grosjea. Alonso is hoping to score a podium finish in front of his adoring home fans this year. The decision came a little too late for Valmor, the organisers of the Valencia Grand Prix as ticket sales were so low that they didn't build as many stands this year...Schumacher's proposed visit boosted sales a little, but then he pulled out.
Confirmed also is that multimillionare Co-founder of YouTube, Chad Hurley has announced that he is the major backer of the new US F1 team, whose first car will be ready in October, they will be one of three new teams next season.
Unconfirmed, but a very strong rumour is that George Clooney is on his way down to Valencia with his yacht which he is hoping to more in the Marina within the Valencia Street Circuit - we'll let you know when it's confirmed!

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