Tuesday, August 11, 2009

“freakismo” The Valencian Oscar

Golden Delicious Fartons - the Freak Film Festival's version of the Oscar

The Freak Film Festival (FFF) draws to an end in Valencia on Thursday 13 August. The prizegiving for this “anti-festival” of film shorts will parody “Hollywood glamour” in a ceremony with a Valencian version of the Oscar, the “Golden Delicious Fartons”.
Ali G and Bruno star, Sacha Cohen Baron, is honoured and has been invited to the festival. Not clear as of yet if he is coming. (Almost definitely NOT. Though the organisers tell us they are trying to convince him to come with a video!!)
300 “videomakers” are said by the organisers to be projecting short shorts. The contest is now in its second year in Valencia but has also taken place in Berlin, New York, London and next, in Tijuana.

FFF define the concept “freak” as a rash (Lost in translation?) “the alternative thing, the different thing, the rare thing, the unusual thing” with a touch of “inevitable” humour.

But the philosophy of the FFF is the one of the “counterattack”, a proclamation of the “anti-festival” to supplant the “dawn of the cinema director” that abounds in the festivals of short films that flood the cities of the world. According to Sheila Conte, one of FFF's organisers, “We wanted something more democratic so that any person of the world through the facilities of the new technologies could participate”.

The films have been (and are being) projected on various locations around Valencia from a van mounted projector, and include “a squalid wall of a ruined farmhouse near a local cemetery in Benimaclet” and tomorrow 12 August on the beach at Puig close to a "30 metre high Pylon near an Urbanización!

Prizes will be in the Umbracle at around 23:30 on the 13th , and will include “a red carpet". Oh! and the official drink of the FFF - Horchata of course!
Mmmmm!! Don't you love Valencia!

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