Tuesday, April 17, 2007

There's more than just boats at the America's Cup

If you are undecided about visiting the America's Cup here in Valencia because you don't know the first thing about boats, then think again. There is so much to do! The Port America's cup is a lovely place to spend a day.
People watch! Spot the sailors by looking out for the crow's feet around the eyes, years of looking u at the sails!
Eat and Drink! There are 22 bars and restaurants serving well priced food and drink
Take a Water Taxi! The queues are long at some times of the day but you can g across the harbor on a free water bus.
Take a Mini Train! - again free and a nice little ride from one side of the harbor to the other.
Ride in a Balloon! - a ten minute tethered ride to 150 euros metres to admire the view is only 6 euros - 9 euros when the regattas are on
Shop! There are the official America's Cup stores selling merchandise and each of the team houses have shops of their own. We particularly like the America's Cup Towels with the Mariscal Designed Logos.
Watch a Light Show! Every sailing night there is a spectacular megawatt light show on the Velas y Vents building

And just along from the Port is the wonderful Malvarrosa beach, miles of clean sand perfect for catching the rays. Yes the sun is finally back.

And if that just isn't enough, there is the beautiful city of Valencia to explore!

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