Thursday, April 19, 2007

Every cloud has a silver lining! But still no wind!!

Another day here in Valencia with no wind and no sailing in the Louis Vuitton Round Robins. For a moment this morning it looked like there would be some, but then by race time, it was gone.

These delays have been welcomed by the Italian Team +39 Challenge, who broke their mast in the fleet races of the Louis Vuitton Act 13. This extra time has given them a chance to repair the mast, which came out of the oven yesterday after lamination. Repairs were carried out by the shore team of +39 Challenge, coordinating two groups of five on twelve-hour shifts.

Goran Marström (64 years old, silver medal in Tornado class in the 1980 Olympics), the mast builder, arrived from Sweden for a last check; “The shore team have done an excellent job. After repairs the mast is almost brand new, only 7 kilos heavier. With the boats weighing 24 tons its higher centre of gravity is not perceptible in the slightest.”

If the team decide to use the new mast for sailing on friday, you might just see the crew testing it on a night sail tonight.

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