Tuesday, April 24, 2007

John Cale, Chicks on Speed, Jay Jay Johanson, Ladytron at Observatori Valencia, May 11 and 12

Observatori is the Festival the International of Artistic Investigation here in Valencia, and is now considered the best of its kind in Spain, from its inception in 2000 it has always invited artists in music, installation, performance, robotics, video art, design, photograph or net art who are pushing the boundaries of their chosen field, it all makes for a festival full of diversity and surprises. The Theme this year is 'feelings' - quoting directly from their press release - 'Feelings, leitmotiv of Observatori 2007, invites to us to reflect on our capacity to feel, and on how the feelings they cause in us different psychic states that determine the way with which we communicate with the rest of the world.'

The main stage at the Science Museum Príncipe Felipe at the City of Arts and Sciences has a brilliant line up on both the 11th and 12th of May.
Friday 11
19:00 Dorian Pias - ES
20:30 Jay Jay Johanson Virgin - SUE
22:00 John Cale EMI –USA
23:30 Jimi Tenor & Kabu Kabu Sähkö - FIN
01:00 Vive la fête Surprise - BE
Saturday 12
19:00 Neon Flash - ES
20:30 Ms John Soda Morr Music - DE
22:00 Chicks On Speed Chicks On Speed - DE
23:30 Ladytron Ryko - UK

There are also performances Sala Gallera (just off the Ayntamiento in C/aluders, 7) and Sala Hot ( a tem minute walk from the science museum)

More on the whole shebang at http://observatori.com

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