Monday, July 14, 2008

Opera in Viveros Gardens, Valencia

It was a night at the opera on a sultry Saturday evening in the lovely Viveros Gardens in Valencia. A night of the 'best ofs', All your favourite Arias sung by some great Pro (Semi-Pro?) soloists and a good orchestra. All conducted by someone who looked suspiciously like Gene Wilder. Of course, it wasn't him, but curiously, there was no printed program or any mention anywhere in the venue or on the program of who any of them were. Having searched around, we think it might have been the State Opera of Bulgaria.
We discovered a new (to us) drink, Limon Granizada and Beer Clara (shandy) - discovered by our good friends, the Roddises on a previous jaunt to Viveros to see Coppelia.
The rain came midway through the second half of the concert and many of the audience did a runner, shame! Most of us had umbrellas and some, pictured above, used alternative methods of shelter!

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