Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Gooru on Books and Podcasts for the beach in a particularly hot Valencia

So now we are into the 'Que calor!' stage again and 'it's come too suddenly, no time to prepare!' - Prepare for what? This is late June in Valencia, traditionally hot, soaring temperatures and humid. And, as always at this time, in the early day and weeks of the heat, bad tempers on the roads and in the streets. Once everyone is used to it, by the end of summer, it will be cooling down again.
But hey, it's school holiday time, 11 weeks of time off for kids and teachers, and lots of beach time for all of us. Which means it's time for beach reads and more than just music on you iPods and mp3 players.
Let's start with iPods (or similar), there is a wealth of stuff legitimately downloadable from the web...
Read more of his great article and more reviews from Babu too here

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