Saturday, March 24, 2007

White Night in Valencia, Only it's called NIT EN VELA

Paradox Company

New York's Luma

Les Passagers

France's Compromises Express

Valencia celebrates the America's Cup on the night of the 31st of March with eight hours of uninterupted music, dance, theatre, spectacle and performance along two routes in the centre of the city. Nit en Vela is Valencia's answer to the White Nights that have been happening in European cities in the past couple of years, it promises to be a wonderful evening - much more by clicking on the headline.

Vive Valencia, the company formed by the Generalitat and the City council of Valencia to celebrate and promote the XXXII edition of the America's Cup, has organized a 'White Night', or Nit en Vela as they are calling it, on the night of 31 of March. Eight uninterrupted hours of spectacles and cultural activities as “a playful-festive support” the America's Cup.

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