Friday, March 30, 2007

Taking off the skirts!

Luna Rossa's Skirt - ©Photo: Carlo Borlenghi

This Sunday, as if there wasn't enough to do with the Nit en Vela (see a previous entry) Mike Oldfield (see a bit further back) Beginning with, guess what, a firework display(!) at 9 am, The Teams of America's Cup unveil all their boats.
The day before, each of the teams will have declared up to two boats each to race in the Louis Vuitton Regattas and the America's Cup.
Sunday, each team will unveil their jealously guarded secrets - the hull. It is all happening for the press from 9am - but is open to the public from 1130am - when all the team houses will be open to the public. the day ends with a light show from Endesa
More on this and the schedule for the day can be seen by clicking the linked headline to this article.

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