Wednesday, February 14, 2007

More on the Ninots exhibition

One of our fine readers, Paul BK, inspired by this very blog, got the family together on Sunday and went to the Exhibition of Ninots we talked about at the Nuevo Centro
He very kindly sent a raft of photos - some of which we publish here for your pleasure.
They are usually satirical, a comment on the politicians and life in Spain and the world. When they are finally erected in the streets and plazas of Valencia on the night of La Planta (the planting), they are each accompanied by 4 line poems - Prizes go to not only the Ninots (Papier Mache Sculptures but to these, very important little satirical verses.
Thanks to PBK!

Not unlike a saucy seaside postcard

A children's ninot

A very unkind one of Rita Barbéra -Valencia's Mayor

HRH Juan Carlos and the Princess Letitia

Some of the ruder Ninots

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