Sunday, February 25, 2007

The Crida - The celebration Mascleta

It's a slightly overcast day in Valencia, but the Mascletà was good.
What's a Mascletà? you ask.
It's a daytime firework display, so noisy that you are advised to keep your mouth open to avoid damage to your eardrums!
A mascletà traditionally takes place at 2pm every day from the 01 March to to the 19th (thanks to anonymous for pointing out our mistake in saying the 20th!) in the Ayuntamiento. (the City's Town Hall Square) They get better and longer as Fallas progresses.
Turn up the volume for this one!


keep asking questions said...

Hi Gooru, I got this url from a friend of mine in Holland. Although it took me ages to see the movie, ( we live in el campo near Casinos and have no landline) it was stll worth it. I'm definitly going to watch the Mascleta. They do love there fireworks over here...
Thanks for the info.

joost gerritsen

Anonymous said...

Don't show up on the 20th expecting a Mascleta!