Wednesday, February 02, 2011

What a difference a caption makes

When my friend M sent me the newspaper cutting here, I was reminded yesterday of one of my first jobs in design.
The job was a new timetable for an airline I was working for. It was years before the days of computer aided design, so I worked with a pot of Cow Gum and a spreader, pasting little bits of paper with flights, times and destinations onto art-boards. A very tedious job.
A week later the printed timetables arrived and, to my horror, I realised I had pasted the incoming flights onto the outgoing pages and the outgoing on the incoming. Thanks to a very understanding printer, who allowed me to return the bad copies and reprinted the job correctly overnight, no one was any the wiser!
The designer of daily free newspaper ADN (Monday's edition) won't have been so lucky - as the paper hit the street with this wrongly captioned photo. (caption reads The Prince and Princess, with their daughter Leonor on 7 June last year in Madrid)
The Spanish Royal family can be very touchy in matters such as these!

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