Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Love Indie music? Tanned Tin is just up your alley!

The very curiously named Tanned Tin Festival takes place at the Teatro Principal and the Sala Opal in Castellón from tomorrow 28 January until the 31st - It features no less than 34 rising stars of the indie scene in concerts both during the day at Sala Opal and the night at Teatro Principal. The Line up is as follows:
Thursday 28 - Teatre Principal
McEnroe 20:00h
Lacrosse 20:40h
David Thomas Broughton 21:20h
Arborea 21:55h
Dean & Britta 22:40h
The Wave Pictures 23:40h
Giant Sand 0:40h
Aidan Moffat & The Best Ofs 1:50h

Friday 29 - Teatre Principal
Ecstatic Sunshine 20:00h
Thee, Stranded Horse 20:35h
Picastro 21:20h
Callers 22:10h
Luke Haines 22:55h
Robin Guthrie 23:50h
The Third Eye Foundation 0:50h
Sleep Whale 2:05h

Saturday 30 - Teatre Principal
Kristofer Aström 20:00h
Sea of Bees 20:40h
Richard Buckner 21:20h
The Wowz 22:15h
L'Altra 23:10h
Dean Wareham plays Galaxie 500 0:10h
Savage Republic 1:15h
DD/MM/YYYY 2:15h

Wednesday 27 - Veneno Stereo
Fiesta presentación. Entrada: 6 € (fuera de abono)

Thursday 29 - Sala Opal
Jozef Van Wissem 13:00h
Jason Urick 13:35h
Sir Richard Bishop 14:15h
Homenaje a Jack Rose 15:05h

Saturday 30 - Sala Opal
Ching Chong Song 13:00h
Jamie Stewart 13:35h
Joe Pernice 14:25h

Sunday 31 - Sala Opal
Mi and L'au 13:00h
Castanets 13:40h
The Clientele 14:25h
The Joe K-Plan 15:15h

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