Monday, November 23, 2009

Surel Not, Queen Elizabeth II just doesn't do that!

Christmas is fast approaching and very soon you won't be able to turn without bumping into a Belén. A Belén is a nativity scene, so popular are they in this country that not only are there public ones, sometimes comprising of thousands of pieces, but most homes don't feel complete without one, and they often take up enormous amounts of space in people's flats and houses, There is a particularly curious tradition in the the more northerly parts of Spain and that is the inclusion of El Caganer somewhere in the scene. Traditionally it is the squatting figure of a shepherd - crapping. The fruits of his labour beneath his naked rear for all to see. This year the website has some interesting celebrity caganers, most notably Queen Elisabeth(sic) II. I was always told that royalty didn't!!

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