Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Serendipity and the Beatles

It's not everyday you stumble upon the Beatles in the streets of Valencia!
On arriving in Valencia from out of town Monday morning, I came across a rock band setting up outside the bullring.
Intrigued, I hang around looking a bit like an ageing groupie! After a short warm up session whilst a few photographers and a crew from Canal 9 did some filming, the band finally got going.
The logo on their drum-kit was a good clue to the music we were about to hear! The Blisters, sang the music of the Beatles to a small but appreciative crowd, many of whom, including me, were singing, and even bopping, along to the rhythm. Very good they were too, though sadly they didn't look at all like the real Beatles! I must have been a little over zealous in my dancing because I ended up being interviewed by Canal Nou - what, I wonder is the 'Spanglish' equivalent of Valenciano and English? Whatever it is, it must have sounded funny!
A visit to the Blisters' website ( will show you that they appeared live at Liverpool's Legendary Cavern Club in August and their next live appearance in Valencia is at Abastos at 20:00h on 19 December. Their manager tells me they are available for weddings, Bar Mitzvas....

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