Thursday, March 26, 2009


Lights out for Earth Hour. That’s the message circling around the globe as the clock ticks down to the action hour: 8 p.m. on March 29. The organizers, backed by World Wildlife Fund, are hoping that millions of people around the world will turn off lights and other electrical appliances not in use.

This worldwide light-switch flipping won’t be as dramatic as it sounds — even from the vantage of the International Space Station — since 8 p.m. arrives at a different time in each time zone.

Valencia has agreed to become one of the participating cities which include Bangkok, Brisbane, Buenos Aires, Christchurch, Copenhagen, Dubai, Dublin, Fiji, Halifax, Manila, Montreal, San Juan, Scott Base (Antarctica), Sydney, Tel Aviv, and Toronto. Valencia is turning off the lights on major public buildings for the hour.
What could be simpler than turning off your lights for an hour, on a weekend, in early evening?

So, don't forget - this Saturday 28 March at 8.00 pm - wherever you are, turn it off for an hour - let's just see if helps...

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