Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Mercado De Fuencarral opens in Valencia!


I know, you'll be saying that there are quite enough shops and shopping centres in town already, but this latest is well worth a visit. At the top end of the Río Túria towards the new Parque Cabacera is the sparking MDF (Mercado De Fuencarral), two floors of designer stores and a floor of food, drink and entertainment, and topped by a floor of multiplex cinemas showing a great regular selection of movies in Original Version (VOS).

Valencia is now the new site for this great concept which originated in Madrid, International designer names like Adidas, Camper, Chevignon, Pepe Jeans, Puma and Mango Accessories are to be found alongside lesser known but equally as interesting shops selling everything from jewellery to clothes to works of art and luxury foods and drink.

There are great places to eat and drink too, with free wifi and a DJ on hand all through the day and late into the night playing your favourite sounds. The Sofa Club is the heart of Fuencarral a place to sit and relax and take a coffee or a cocktail or catch a concert or your favourite dj. There is also Laydown, a restaurant where you do just that, serving food and drink all day and dinner shows too. Pepita, a bar restaurant serving great food and drink. Propaganda Cafè, serves great shakes and smoothies and the best burger in town. Opera Prima have two locations serving great refreshments and there is Waqas Döner Kebab.

It will come as no surprise that Fuencarral is the place to be on New year's Eve!

Mercado de Fuencarral | C/ Tirso de Molina 16 | 46015 | Valencia | Spain

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