Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Puente de las Flores

The Rio Turia is a glorious park that runs through the city, it celebrates its 50th birthday this October. It is called Rio Turia because, until a huge and devastating flood in the 1950, it was actually a river. After the flood it was diverted to a new, purpose built flood channel outside the city and the extremely forward thinking city fathers of the time decided to make the old bed into a park, complete with bridges.
The Newest bridge is the Puente de las Flores, which is literally covered with flowers and plants year round, at the moment it is covered in deep red Poinsettas, over a hundred thousand of them!
Next to the bridge at the moment is the Circo Mundial, one of four circuses in town for Christmas. Next week, if you are into clowns, they are holding an international clown festival - 100 clowns from all over the world competing for Best Clown - it all takes place 11 and 12 january - more info and how to book on their website -http://www.grancircomundial.com/valencia_05.htm

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